God's Word
for Rural Asia

The greatest revival in history is currently underway in China! On average, 20,000 souls per day are committing their lives to Jesus Christ. Seventy percent of them live in rural areas. Yet, one thing is lacking—Bibles!
Throughout rural China Christians are fasting and praying for opportunities to grow in God’s Word. Yet, their limited resources and remote locations make it almost impossible to obtain Bibles. Their exposure to scripture is often restricted to pages they have copied or passages they have memorized.

Purchase – Transport – Verify

Millions of uncensored complete Bibles are legally printed each year in China. However, the distribution network often overlooks vast rural populations. The Voice of China and Asia is committed to fill this gap by purchasing, transporting and sending teams to verify the distribution of complete unedited Bibles to China’s rural believers. The need is huge—millions of Bibles have been requested—this is an unprecedented opportunity!

Your gift of $25.00 will provide five
Bibles for China’s rural believers!



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