Remembering Rural
Asia's Children

Church services throughout rural China always include precious little children. In larger churches they gather for age oriented “childcare” classes. They hear stories from the Bible and sing Biblically related songs. However, due to costs and limited distribution outlets there is a severe lack of children’s teaching material available.

The love of our partners at the Voice of China and Asia extends to these children. At each adult Bible distribution event, every child is given a Bible Storybook of varied titles such as, “The Coming of the King,” and “He is Alive,” which tell of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many more titles are currently being approved for printing on authorized presses.

Due to economic realities, our Bible storybooks may well be the only Christian children’s books these children ever receive.

Your gift of $30.00 will provide ten Bible
Storybooks for China’s rural children!



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